We have a very kind ‘Mummy’, Nikki, who runs the second hand uniform. You can contact Nikki on 07834 515351 if you would like any details on the second hand clothing and shoes. New uniform is sold by Sue Haycock, who runs a dance wear shop in Aston Clinton on the London Road. Stages Dance & Gym Wear is open Monday & Wednesday 10am – 1pm, Thursday & Friday 6.00 – 7.30pm and Saturday 10am – 3pm, Telephone (01296) 630296. For pupils at the Eaton Bray classes, I am happy to collect dance wear items from Stages for you, if requested.

It is important that you ensure your daughters attend class with their hair tied back, neat grooming is an important discipline in dancing, it is also nice when I can see their faces! Please also make sure that all uniform and shoes are clearly named for class. It is becoming increasingly difficult to return clothing and shoes to their correct owners when found.

Ballet Uniform


A new ballet uniform has been introduced by RAD from September 2009. This includes the introduction of the lilac leotard and skirt for the younger girls and the t-shirt and shorts for the boys. Although these have been introduced we are not enforcing it for all pupils. If your child is still in the optional pale blue uniform, as shown below, then they can stay in the pale blue uniform until they have outgrown it or they move up to the next age group.

Although I do not actively enforce the correct uniform colours for the new grades I felt it would be helpful for you if you knew what was required should you need to replace old leotards that have been outgrown.

  • Pre-Primary and Primary Ballet wear the new lilac capped sleeved leotard with a matching lilac wrap-over skirt, cardigans are optional.
  • Grade 1 ballet is the old pale blue leotards, capped or sleeveless, with waist elastic (no skirts).
  • Grades 2 and above wear navy blue capped or sleeveless leotards with waist elastic.
  • Grades 1 and above also require Character shoes and character skirts in addition to ballet shoes.
  • Intermediate Ballet girls may wear black or navy strappy leotards. All pupils may wear pink ballet socks or ballet tights and ballet x-over cardigans that match the leotard colour are optional throughout.

uniform-new uniform-old

Modern and Tap Uniform

In an attempt to gradually bring a sense of order to the modern and tap classes across all ages, I have decided to bring in a uniform. Whereas it is NOT essential, I would ask you to purchase any new leotards accordingly. There will be a choice of 2 styles of leotards in 4 different colours (to be worn for grades Primary through Grade 3) with an option of matching dance shorts. Seniors will be required to wear any style plain black leotard (Grade 4 and above). Leg wear, if required, may be small black dance shorts that can be worn over the leotards or black leggings. Please remember that ballet uniform may be worn for ANY style of dance class. Leotards will be designed and made by Clo Perry and can be ordered through me. Prices from £16.00 – £19.00.