JoAnn Latus School of Dance
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Privacy note

Information we process and collect

We collect and process the following information about pupils:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Adress and contact phone number
  • Contact email address
  • Relevant medical information 
  • Exam results where relevant

We collect the following information about the pupils parents/guardians:

  • Primary and secondary contact name
  • Primary and secondary contact telephone number and email address

Where that information is stored

All information is securely stored within the schools registration database. Information is also processed through the schools email account and website, provided by 

What information is shared

Information about pupils are shared with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and International Teachers Society of Dance (ISTD) for the sole purpose of exam registration and entry. Where applicable this is the pupils name and date of birth.

If information is needed to be shared elsewhere, i.e. with venues or organisations for shows, we will inform you of this and gain your consent for this information to be shared. 

How to request a change the data we hold

We understand that the data we hold about pupils will change and pupils, parents and guardians have the right to update this data. This must be done in writing to the principal of the dance school, either in letter or via email to If you wish for any data to be removed this must also be requested in the same way. 

How long we hold the data for

We hold all data for pupils for 1 year after they have left the school. This allows for data to be retained should they wish to return and for exam monitoring purposes. 

When will we contact you

We will contact you at the end of each term, this is with a newsletter and fees for the next term. We will also contact you in regards of any upcoming exam sessions that the pupil may be entered for or the opportunity to take part in any events or shows. We will not send you any marketing materials unless previously requested. If you wish to discuss these contacts please speak to the dance teacher or school principal.