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We held our tri-annual show “Dance with Me” at the Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury on Sunday 20th May 2018. It was a great success with 280 pupils taking part in 37 dances. There were more than 700 costumes made, bought and hired and a total of 36 volunteers back stages acting as chaperones, runners and all round supporters. We had an audience of 1008: family, friends and supporters.

We will hopefully have a gallery of photos up soon for you all to see.

We hope that all involved, pupils, families and volunteers enjoyed themselves and had a great time. Below are some of the lovely feedback we’ve received:

Victoria Giglio – Events Manager, Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

“Liz, Emma and Lou all commented on what a pleasure you were to work with and how professional and organised both yourself and your chaperones were.

I am really pleased the show went extremely well with sales being as high as they were.

I have passed on your thanks to everyone and yes, please do get in touch once it has all calmed down for you! We would be delighted to have you back.”

Parents of pupils and ex-pupils

“I just wanted to congratulate you and your colleagues on a wonderful night in Aylesbury. It was some operation and I know just how much hard graft goes into these occasions. I found the finale really moving. Seeing all those young faces shining with joy, full of promise for the future was pretty special. They don’t realise it now but they will remember such moments all their lives.”

“Just wanted to say thank you for a totally fabulous show and giving our girls/boys the opportunity to be part of it! What a great experience for them and us! Your organisation was amazing! Hope you’re now going to have a well deserved break!”

“I wanted to say thank you and well done for the show. You and your team have worked so hard to put this wonderful show together and it was a huge success. Those things don’t just happen it is due to hard work , commitment , late night and passion and you clearly demonstrated all of those . All the pupils were fab , you can be proud of them all. {My daughter} had a wonderful day , she loved every minute and hopefully she will remember and cherish this day and feelings for ever as she is only still 5.

We had family coming from France and Manchester and they were blown away , by the organisation and the talent of the children, all the beautiful costumes, chorégraphies and behaviour of the children.

Well done again and thank for for giving {her} this wonderful opportunity to be on stage
Looking forward to watching the dvd to see all those wonderful performances again.”

“I just wanted to say WOW the show last night was amazing! Thank you so much for organising it it really was incredible and so many talented dancers and some really dramatic and moving performances! Isabella absolutely loved it and how lovely for her to experience being part of something so special!”

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the show last night. The dancing was to such a high standard and the choreography as amazing as ever. Everything ran so smoothly and I know it is down to your hard work. So thank you Jo for giving us an opportunity to see all these talented dancers perform. It was a very enjoyable evening.”

“I came to watch “Dance with me” yesterday evening and i thoroughly enjoyed the performance! It bought back lots of memories and nostalgia from the seven years of training with you. I absolutely loved the 42nd Street number I have to say that was my favourite, its such an incredible musical. It feels like not long ago that I was dancing in the Milton Keynes theatre dressed up as a cat and dancing to the CATS the musical medley with the grade 2 ballet lot. Congratulations on pulling off yet again another great show and hope to hear from you soon.”

“What a fantastic show and a wonderful way to mark the end of an Era.
JoAnn Latus you and your team have played a massive part in {my daughters} lives, no amount of words can truly express our gratitude. From the age of three they have enjoyed regularly coming to you, where they haven’t just learnt how to dance but gained many life skills and experiences while working through dance examinations and taking part in many shows.

Fifteen years dancing has created many wonderful memories and close friendships. Dancing has helped get them through the many trials and tribulations of school and what life has thrown at them along the way. Now it’s time to progress onto the next chapter ‘university life’ but they have vowed to continue dancing taking every opportunity to share what they’ve learnt by spreading the joy of dance wherever they go.

A big well done to all involved, you are truly amazing. The emotional tears were unavoidable. {They} will miss their squad and teachers who have taught them the invaluable skills of dance and the power it can unleash. It is said that friends who dance together stay together.

Keep Dancing!”