Newsletter – April 2020

Term News

As the year got off to a flying start, we find ourselves looking ahead to Spring and the Summer beyond in these, now, uncertain times. We have had just one day of Ballet exams this term which, due to the circumstances, we re-organised to be a video submission. Thank you to all children and parents who acted swiftly to enable us to still hold these exams that the students had worked so hard towards.


Fees – Converted to Pre-Paid Dance Vouchers

If you are prepared to pay next terms dance fees up front, I will hold these fees as pre-paid vouchers that can be used against intensive workshops and dance clubs that we shall set up for pupils just as soon as it is safe to do so.


For instance; £50 dance fees equates to 5 hours tuition.


I shall endeavour to set up workshops and dance clubs that may run over arranged weekends or during the holiday weekdays, where you will be able to redeem these on-line payments. Alternatively, if you are unable to attend any workshop dates then they could be used against fees as and when term returns to normal. This will help the school, as one of many small businesses, to stay viable and reopen swiftly once we are able to do so.


Online learning, Zoom and YouTube

Many of you have asked about online tuition and remote learning classes whilst children are off school. I shall be looking into ‘Zoom’ over the Easter break to see if this is a tool that we can use for some virtual classes. In the meantime, there are many useful YouTube links with moderate to good demonstration of RAD Ballet Grades and ISTD Modern & Tap Grades. I have listed some links on our website and below that I have found relating to various Grades and genres. We hope to be able to supply you with special links to our very own YouTube tutorials once we have them up and running.


Please be mindful that, we as dance teachers have trained for many years, we are professionals in our occupation and will know when to push a body and when to stop. We know what children’s bodies are capable of achieving and what they are not. In essence, much damage can occur if not properly taught by someone who knows what they are doing. During classes we are covered by our insurance against injuries. We cannot cover you or ourselves, as a school, if children undertake exercises that are beyond their ability whilst at home.


Other News & Information

I find myself forever trying to keep one step ahead of administration, exam sessions, term dates and accompanying paper work. As everything seems to be pushing us toward becoming digital, I shall be emailing you this newsletter in addition to a hard copy. Please spend a minute to reply, by email or by returning the reply slip with your fees. Do you regularly read your emails and view the dance school Facebook/Instagram page to keep informed, or would you still prefer a hard copy of the newsletter detailing term dates, fees and classes? Do I have your correct email address?


A further casualty of the current situation is Laura’s wedding, that was due to take place on Saturday May 30th at St.Michael & All Angels’ Church, Aston Clinton. I am sure that you will join me in wishing Laura and her fiancé Kaz lots of love and hope that they can rearrange their special day once this crisis is over.


New Classes & Offers


The new Contemporary Dance classes have proven to be a big success and well received amongst our older students. As they learn and explore a new dance genre, I feel that they will all become more rounded dancers with a broader experience in dance.


Please don’t forget our continued extra dance class offers. Any pupil wishing to trial a third dance genre may do so totally free of charge for half a term in April (5 weeks). In addition to this, any pupil may attend a second class each week, of the same grade and genre to that as they already attend, totally free of charge. This may facilitate a quicker progression through exams if pupils wish.


Adult Dance Classes


Adult ballet will continue into the April term. It’s not too late to come along and join us. No previous experience is necessary as we cater for all level in the class. The class is on Tuesday evenings in the Eaton Bray Village Hall from 8.00 – 9.00pm, costing £7 payable on the day or £60 in advance for the full term. Adult Tap will also continue. Anna Sheldon, one of my senior students, will continue to run the 30-minute Adult Tap lesson on Friday evenings in Eaton Bray 8.00 – 8.30pm. As this class will be held in the small hall area, it will be limited to between 6 – 8 adults. Some previous experience is necessary, as a sound basic Tap knowledge is required. Cost will be £5 payable on the day. Please contact me to register your interest and/or reserve your place on either class.



A reminder that we have a second hand uniform system run by one of our parents, Hannah Dominey, a big thank you to her. See our website for more information about it.


All uniform must be professionally fitted. We have examples of uniform on the website along with details of Stages Dancewear, where you can purchase uniform.

After School Club


We are very grateful to the Weston Turville Church of England School for permitting us to continue with our ‘After-school’ dance club. Laura collects over 15 children directly from the school and brings them over to the hall for their dance lessons every Wednesday.


Our Eaton Bray Academy after school dance club has been modified to offer a general ‘Street’ Dance class for years 2, 3 and 4 children. The class is held in the school hall at Eaton Bray Academy every Tuesday from 3.30 – 4.15pm.


Please contact us for further information about either club.

Timetable Changes


Please note that there are minor changes to the timetable as we restructure again following the recent exams. If you are unable to attend your class at the new time please do refer to the timetable, as there may be an alternative class more convenient for you.


See our website for the new timetable for next term. Our website contains our current timetable and the timetable for next term.

Term Dates (proposed)


Classes commence on Monday April 20th

Half Term: Saturday May 23rd until Friday June 5th

Classes finish on Saturday July 11th 2020


* There are CLASSES in Eaton Bray on Friday May 8th (VE Day - May Bank Holiday) *

* There are CLASSES in Aston Clinton on June 4th *

* There are NO CLASSES on Thursday May 7th *


NOTE: These dates will alter depending when state schools re-open and also in-line with government guidelines, we will contact you with further updates when we know more.


See our website for the full term dates calendar



































Pupil name:                        Email address:


Total Fee’s payable this term -


Beneficiary: J Latus School of Dance - Sort Code: 12-24-81 - Account Number: 06836180


There is a flat termly fee for each family of either £50.00 or £55.00 per term. This is regardless of the number of weeks in each term. This term it will be 10 week in duration. Thereafter fees are reduced accordingly for siblings and second classes. Any additional classes in the same grade and genre may be attended free of charge.


Please let me know if you have trouble paying fees. Cheques should be made payable to Miss J. Latus. Please note that if you have an agreement with me to pay weekly then you must still pay for your child if he/she is away for a week or more. If you wish to make payment by bank transfer then please email me once you have done so, detailing when and the amount paid. Please reference the transfer with your child’s surname & Christian name if possible. All cash payments must be accompanied by a confirmation text or email to me to ensure that I know how much is being paid and for whom

Make sure you are following us on Social Media for up to date information.






(she is dancing as a teacher – mirror image and we do different dances) - Snow ball dance - Character dance



(she is dancing as a teacher  in some exersices– mirror image and we do different dances)  - Hide & Seek dance - Character dance - - Character dance -


GRADE THREE BALLET  (we do a different character dance) - Character dance


GRADE FOUR BALLET – Barre - Port de bras - Centre Practise – Adage - Sautes & Echappes - Jetes & Pas de chat - Assembles & Temps leve - Turns & Character Dance - Grands allegro – Cane Dance


GRADE FIVE BALLET – Barre - Port de bras – Centre Practise - Pirouettes - Adage - Petit Allegro - Glissade & Sissonnes - Sissonnes ordinaire & Pas de valse - Turns – Grands Allegro – Dance A – Dance F - Dance F


GRADE TWO MODERN - All Except Dance




GRADE FOUR MODERN - Our pupils Part one - Our pupils Part Two




GRADE ONE TAP -  All Except Dance


GRADE TWO TAP - All Except Dance


GRADE THREE TAP - All Except Dance


GRADE FOUR TAP - Our pupils Part one - Our pupils Part Two