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Returning from COVID-19

Health & Safety measures for returning classes

  • A return to class form must be filled out before returning to dance – this will be emailed out with your individual timetable.
  • If any member of the household display any symptoms the pupil will not attend dance class for a period of at least 14 days and follow government guidance to self-isolate and book a Covid-19 test. You must also inform the Covid-19 lead as soon as possible by emailing
  • Classes will be taught in bubbles and some will incorporate different class genres. These will not be syllabus classes but will focus on choreography, creativity, dance technique, conditioning, health and well-being in dance and especially emotional well-being and mindfulness.
  • The halls will be sectioned into appropriate distancing spaces for each child of 2 metres square.
  • Time has been allowed between classes to see pupils exit building, clean down any surfaces & allow the next class in.
  • Hand sanitisers will be available at all entry and exit points.
  • Paper towels instead of hand dryers in the toilet facilities.
  • Each class must arrive no earlier than 5 mins before session starts and wait until invited to enter building.
  • Dance shoes must be worn at all times – no bare feet.
  • Pupils to bring one dance bag if required, with their shoes and water bottle ready filled.
  • Parents to ensure all pupils have used the toilet before they arrive.
  • Pupils to arrive ready dressed for classes as the changing room facilities will be closed.
  • No parents to wait in the hall at all. You must wait in cars or drop off and return later.
  • Pupils will enter through one door to the building (the main door of each hall) and exit through a different door (fire exit or side door of each hall)
  • In the unlikely event of injury or emergency, it may be necessary for the teacher to break the social distancing rule. In this instance PPE shall be worn.
  • Registers will be taken at each class for track and trace. Please ensure we have your up to date contact details.

What will my dance class look like?

  • You must arrive no more than 5 minutes before your class, you will be asked to wait outside whilst we clean the hall from the previous class.
  • You can bring what you need in a named bag, there will be space to put it in the hall. You must wear shoes to dance in, you can’t dance barefoot and the changing rooms will be closed. You can wear whichever type of dance uniform you like for your bubble class. If you struggle with tying tap shoes we recommend replacing them with pre-tied elastic.
  • Your teacher or a teaching assistant will invite you in to class when they are ready, your parent or guardian won’t be allowed in the hall. The teacher or assistant will be wearing a mask when taking you in and out of class.
  • You will have your own 2 metre square to dance in to make sure we can safely enforce social distancing.
  • Your teacher or assistant will wear a mask when they are not teaching. You are welcome to wear a mask if you would like to when entering and exiting class. At the moment there is no requirement for teachers to wear a mask when teaching.
  • A one way system will be in place so you will enter and exit through different doors, please follow the signage in place.

Following Government guidelines

All these proposals are subject to Government guidelines that will be in place at the end of September. This will include track and trace as per instructions received from the ruling bodies. It goes without saying that, if your child or someone in your house becomes unwell, please inform us immediately and stay away from class.